Data privacy policy

Data privacy policy

Privacy Policy


The hielonCity application is used for easier orientation in the cyberspace of a location's digital services. Under cyberspace, hielonCity defines the digital services of a specific location or region known in the hielonCity app. The well-known digital services can change dynamically over time.


The Types of Information We Collect

The types of information we collect or receive depends on how the user use and interact with our services. The user can choose the information the user provides to us, although certain information (such as account information) is required for us to provide the Services and if it is not provided, we will not be able to provide the services.

Account information:

Email, Phone number, Street address and house number, Zip Code, Country

Aside from the email address (which is necessary for account creation and activation) , all account information data are optional, and the user are free to provide or not. However, providing such optional data will enhance the service provided to the user, such as receiving location specific notifications and information.

Location recognition: The app hielonCity uses the recognition of the user's position to automatically suggest the appropriate cyberspace known in the system for the location. The user's position is not saved and the hielonCity app does not track the user. After calling up hielonCity, before using the automatic location detection, the user is asked whether he agrees to the use of the automatic location determination. If the user agrees, the hielonCity app automatically suggests the cyberspace closest to the user's location. If the user does not agree to the location detection or if he is more than 200km away from the nearest entry (place) in hielonCity, the user must enter the desired place in the built-in search function using the keyboard.


How We Use Information

We use all the collected information for purpose of providing the user with location-based services, information, and notifications.

We use the user’s email address for account related tasks like account activation, password reset and account deletion confirmation.


How we store Information

We rely on cloud-based services to store the user data. All users’ data are stored in databases located in the EU and subject to the GDPR regulations.

However, we DO NOT store the collected location data, neither locally (at the user’s device) nor on our databases.



For this purpose, the application does not store any personal data. The use of digital services is counted as a person-independent characteristic by incrementing (summing up) aggregate values. There is no way of inferring the source of the summed up statistical values. It also does not store any IP address from the data source (the user). The anonymous cumulative statistics about the service usage at certain times serve to improve the digital services of a certain place. Since only anonymous summary statistics and times are stored, there are no personalized statistics that can be queried privately by the user.


Cookies and Analysis Tools

hielonCity attaches great importance to the privacy of end users and therefore does not use cookies or third-party analysis tools.


User generated content

We allow users to add comments within a service page, a comment can have an image as an attachment. However, once a user submits a comment, it will be sent to the back end for review, and will be published only once accepted. 

Users will have the option to report any comment based on the following categories:

  • Spam or suspicious
  • Harmful or abusive
  • Sexual or sensitive
  • Violent or offensive


After reviewing the report, actions could be taken by removing the reported comment.



The hielonCity application provides a personalized overview of a location's digital service offering. This increases the overview and enables quick information about the personally preferred digital service offers of a place's cyberspace. For the purpose of personalization, the user registers with his e-mail address and a nickname and thus creates an account for which he enters a password. In order to receive personalized notifications from the place related to their address, the user can optionally provide their home address and telephone number. By registering, the user is also able to make new service suggestions from this point in time.



Deleting a user account:

A user can have his account deleted at any time by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Data storage Data is stored in certified data centers on EU territory. The requirements of the GDPR are complied with by the application, the operator, and the selected data center service provider. No data will be passed on to third parties, with the exception of the case in which official inquiries are to be followed by a valid court order of an Austrian court.


For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the international data center operators commissioned, even in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, may be forced by a legally legitimate request from the authorities of the country in which you have your headquarters to transfer stored data to the authorities of the home country.



Use of statistical evaluations

Anonymized statistical evaluations from cumulative data and time series and suggestions from end users are used by hielonCity to talk to city organizations and municipalities about the expansion of the digital service offer and to improve it or to illustrate the advertising value of a location or its positioning improve.




The use of personalization makes it possible for hielonCity to send current news from a location to the user. Therefore, when using personalization, the user is asked whether he allows hielonCity to send messages to him. If this is denied, the user will not receive any notifications from a location. Upon consent, the user has the option to set their message categories (message preferences) manually. This ensures that the user only receives messages from a category that is of interest to him. Messages from a place originate from the responsible municipal office or from the city authority of the respective place.




Suggest new services

As a registered user, it is possible to actively suggest existing digital services of a location that do not yet appear as part of a location's cyberspace in hielonCity. It is also possible to suggest new service ideas. Suggestions for new services go to the hielonCity editorial team and are used by them to expand or rethink what is on offer in cyberspace at a specific location.



Giving feedback

Registered users can give feedback to the hielonCity support team in the "Feedback" menu item of the personalization menu. Here you have the option  of sending screenshots, for example to document specific problems, to suggest improvements or simply to communicate new ideas. This data will not be published. The data is used to improve and complete the services.



Recommendation of digital services

In hielonCity, it is possible for the user to share a location's digital services with friends on social media, for example to quickly inform friends about the advantages of a specific digital service at a location. Sharing a digital service of a place with friends takes place within the framework of the data protection guidelines of the social media platform selected for this purpose. The operator of hielonCity assumes no responsibility for the data protection settings of the social media platform chosen by the user; the responsibility lies with the end user and the settings he has chosen on the respective social media platform.



Business information with promotional content

hielonCity enables local businesses to place banner ads. The prerequisite is that the customer of the banner advertisement has a local business office with an address in the city for which the user is viewing the digital services. When calling up the advertising banner, the user arrives at the web address that was specified by the client of the banner advertising as a link to the banner, so that the user is directed to the stored web address by calling up the banner (tap, click). hielonCity prohibits all banner ads and link targets (web addresses stored in the banner) that are adult or that violate ethical or moral rules of coexistence or that serve hate speech, disparagement, intentional false information or targeted manipulation. Likewise, all banners are prohibited, mobile devices and computer systems are manipulated or contaminated with viruses and trojans by displaying or calling them up, or who carry out non-obvious device manipulations. Despite efforts to observe and comply with the stated requirement, hielonCity assumes no responsibility for the content of the target address of an advertising banner.



Completeness and topicality

hielonCity endeavors to ensure that the digital service information of a location is correct and up-to-date and is dedicated to both the quality and the completeness of the digital service offers of a location. Nevertheless, there is no claim to the completeness and correctness of the information.


In case of inquiries send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

hielonCity is designed and developed by PenTribe International GmbH

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